Jaguars Ticino – Cheerleading Acrobatico


The only Cheerleading Team in Ticino!

Our Teams

Attention: As we don't have a gym during summer break, we'll be training outside spontaneously.

Mini Jaguars, 7-12 years old
Level 2
Training: Wednesday

Junior Jaguars, 13-14 years old
Level 2-3
Training: Friday

Jaguars (Seniors), 15 years and older
Level 3-4
Training: Tuesday and Friday

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Our tryouts start right after Spirit Fever Open in March and end before summer holidays. You can join us from April-June, definitive registrations are in September.

You want to have a tryout and see what we do? Contact us via Facebook, Instagram or write us an email to: jaguarscheerleaders(at)

About us

Jaguars, the only one cheerteam in Tessin, CH. We are self-taught and self-organized because there’s no coach in the area. Our strenght is our willpower. We used to do sideline cheer for the Lakers and Rebels, but now we focus on cheerleading only.


You can find us here:

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