Midland Bouncer Cheerleader

«One Team, One Dream: Cheer hard or go home!»

Our Team

As we're focusing on sideline cheerleading at the moment, all age groups train together. We take members who are 14 years and older.

Training (14 years and older)
Monday, 18:00-20:00
Wednesday, 19:30-21:30

About us

Midland Bouncer Cheerleaders would love to welcome you for a trial session! Our team trains twice a week. It's our goal to participate at cheerleading Swiss Championships in the coming years, so we're looking for motivated new members (male and female) to take along on this journey. Everyone can be part of our team with the right ambition.

We support our senior football team Midland Bouncers on all game days, be it at home (Riedmatt Zug) or across the country. We have 8 game days a year.


We don't hold official tryouts - you can contact Rahel Valentin anytime at info(at)midland-bouncers.ch or sign up on our website to schedule a training with us. Experience and good physical fitness are a good prerequisite, but not absolutely necessary.

We're looking for a coach!

To fulfill our goal of participating at cheerleading championships, we're looking for a motivated coach to work with us. If YOU are ready to support us on our journey, contact us!

You can find us here:

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