7 Fun things to keep you fit in summer

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Most Swiss cheer teams don’t have official practices during the summer holidays. We send our athletes off to five weeks of freedom with the obligatory “Don’t forget to do your workouts!” and expect them to come back fit in August. Of course a targeted workout is the most effective way to stay in shape, but sometimes you just want to relax and have fun. Here’s a few ideas on how to combine the two, so you can enjoy a few days without an actual workout but still do something to keep fit!

Challenge your friends

You should definitely incorporate normal workouts into your holiday routine. To make it more interesting, get your friends to participate in a challenge! You can find them by googling “workout challenge” and you’ll receive a multitude of posters with ideas. Create a whatsapp group or agree on an instagram hashtag for everyone to use so you can keep track of what everyone’s doing. If you do it with your team, maybe even ask your coach if you can do the final day of the challenge all together in training! That way, everyone is motivated to keep up with the plan.

Get jumping

In recent years, the trend of trampoline parks has picked up across Switzerland. Find locations like BounceLab or Skillspark and get bouncing! It’s fun, you can go there alone or with a group of friends, and you’ll definitely break a sweat. This also offers the chance to practice cheer-related skills. You can work on your jumps or do some twisting and flipping into the foam pit. Remember to stick with the basics and stay safe. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to re-teach someone a back tuck because they learned it on a trampoline by throwing their heads back and landing all crooked. Apply the techniques you learned in training and consult your coaches if you’re not sure!

Cooling down on hot days

What’s better than jumping into the water on a hot day? Swimming is a great full-body workout. When you get bored with swimming in circles, why not get creative and try some synchronized swimming moves? Find a good tutorial on youtube and learn some new moves! Believe me, you’ll feel every muscle working.

You’d rather get out into nature? Try out stand up paddling! A lot of cool places have popped up around Switzerland, and you can rent out material if you don’t want to buy it for yourself.

Explore the world

Jogging, though great to keep fit, isn’t everyone’s first choice. But there’s so many more options for a good cardio workout! Get out your bicycle, roller blades, skateboard or whatever else you can find and set out to explore the country. Don’t worry about your way back, just see where your wheels take you. You can always get back by train if you keep some money on you. If you need additional motivation, find a GPS and do some geocaching on the way!

Or, if you’re scared of getting lost, join a slowUp! They close off whole routes on Sundays in different locations so you have the street all to yourself, no cars allowed. For inline skaters, the Monday Night Skate is also a great option. Both events are completely free.

Climb to the top

Climbing is an awesome and fun workout. Facilities or outside tours can be found almost everywhere. If that’s too boring for you, find a rope course near you! You’ll be surprised at how demanding some of the trails are, and you’ll definitely work up a sweat.

Peaceful evenings

Yoga has been on the rise for years, and if you still think it’s just a bit of sitting around and stretching, it’s time to wake up! Some types of yoga are incredibly challenging. Check out this Ashtanga Yoga demo! Why not pick a move or two and try to achieve them by the end of the summer break? They’re absolutely perfect for cheerleaders, requiring strength, flexibility, balance and a great mind-body connection.

The handstand challenge is still on!

Don’t forget to read my post on handstands and why they’re so incredibly important for cheerleaders. Take the summer month to improve your hand-balancing skills and come back strong for the rest of the season! If you post them on instagram, don’t forget to use the #cheeruphandstand hashtag.

Don’t forget to ENJOY!

For those of us who do cheer as a high performance sport, we can get caught up in all the pressure and the technicalities. Try something new every once and again, and keep in mind that working out should always be FUN! Take care of your body, you only have this one. Stay healthy and happy, and enjoy your summer!

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