Hummingbird Cheerleading Club

«Who are we? HBC!»

Our Teams

HBC Magic, 5-8 years old (Level 1)
Friday, 18:00-19:30


HBC Spirit, 7-12 years old (Level 2)
Friday, 19:00-20:30


HBC Fierce, 12-16 years old (Level 4)
Tuesday, 17:30-19:00
Thursday, 17:50-19:10


HBC Force, 16 years and older (Level 5)
Tuesday, 20:15-22:00
Thursday, 20:15-22:00


HBC Rhythm, 16 years and older (HipHop)
Thursday, 20:30-22:00

About us

We're an independent club that takes part in national and international cheerleading competitions. Even though we're a very new club, we already successfully competed in 7 different divisions at Swiss Championships 2018.

Brand new team names

In their fourth season, Hummingbirds are presenting their teams with new names, including a dedicated logo for each of them. There's even an official Dance Team this year! HBC Rhythm will participate at championships in the Senior Performance Cheer HipHop division.

You can contact HBC via Instagram, Facebook, their website or via email at info(at)

You can find us here:

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