Video Competition

Here’s everything you need to know to succeed in a Cheer Up Video Competition.
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Rulebook June 2019

This rulebook will be continuously updated and improved, so check back here before each competition to make sure you’re up to date. The changes from the last version will be listed here as well as soon as the first update is ready.

> Rulebook June 2019 (for print or PC)

> Rulebook June 2019 (optimised for mobile phones)

> Règles françaises

Date & Sign up

Send in your pre-signup form now! It’s free and you’re not obliged to compete if you fill it in, but it helps me get in touch with everyone who’s interested in competing.
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The first Video Competition will start towards the end of summer. After the mandatory routine is published, you have exactly 2 weeks to film your video and send it in.

Saturday, 24 August 2019: Mandatory Routine is online! See below.
Saturday,  7 September 2019: Deadline for your videos

You automatically sign up by sending in your video (with the info on your team and an ID copy of each athlete). The video will only be evaluated after the 5.- CHF fee per athlete has been paid. The video can be sent by different channels (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive). It’s important that the video is in the original quality and not compressed through Whatsapp or similar apps.

Send the link to your video to:

Mandatory routines:


Example video of a complete routine (download scoresheet for this routine here)




Do I have to read the whole rulebook to compete?
To make the scoring as precise and fair as possible, a lot of rules and regulations need to be in place. Unfortunately, that makes the rulebook quite long. But you don’t need to read it all in one go – I created a post that details the easiest way to assemble your optional routine. And as the competition will take place several times throughout the year, there’s plenty of time for you to learn through trial and error.


I’m not sure what a stunt in the Code of Points should look like.
I’ll create a few videos with the more difficult to understand stunts as soon as possible. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or Instagram and ask so I can send you a video of it ASAP!


I don’t understand one of the rules.
You can always ask questions via email or Instagram. I’ll also do a few Q&A Sessions in my Instagram Story and save them as highlights on my profile, so maybe you’ll find your answer in there.


Why are there no basket tosses?
I’m planning to add them to the competition later on, but they’re quite hard to assess and would need a separate set of rules. I’d like to perfect the existing rulebook first, then expand it.


Why is Stunt XY not in the Code of Points?
A few stunts like Waterfall/Pancake/Egg Rolls or Front Tucks from an Elevator position have been left out on purpose. They are rather easy to do, so they’d get a low Difficulty Value, but I don’t want to encourage inexperienced athletes to attempt them as they’re also quite dangerous. For security reasons, I would have to rank them much higher in difficulty to discourage Novice and Advanced teams from doing them, but that would defeat the whole purpose of the difficulty system.

You can however send in any stunt as a suggestion and I’ll check to see if we can include them in the next rulebook update!


What happens if we’re the only stunt group in a division?
You can still compete and you will get a normal score. However, winner’s certificates will only be sent out in the divisions where at least 3 groups competed. Also, the rule about having to go to the next higher division if you’ve won yours twice only applies if there were at least 2 other stunt groups both times you won.